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Has your teenager become sad or withdrawn?

Does your teen's actions have you worried about his or her mental health?

Are you worried that your teen isn’t being honest with you about his or her problems?

Are you trying everything you know to help your teen  feel  happy and live healthy life?
.Being a teenager can be hard

Growing up an adolescent can be difficult. As teenagers grow and develop they can began to struggle with peer relationships, schoolwork, and their constantly changing emotions. This can cause them to not enjoy activities they once did, withdraw from family and friends, and have poor grades.  Maybe you are concerned that your adolesent is not putting forth the effort to reach thier full potential.  
Sometimes, teenagers can have a hard time adjusting to  unexpected events such as a loss of of loved one,  relocation, or parents divorcing.  Maybe your teenager has just started high school and feels out of place or maybe your high school senior is unsure about what life holds for them after graduating.  As a parent, you may be wondering what can you do to help your son or daughter adjust to these changes. You may have tried everything you know how to, but you feel like your teen just won't share how they are really feeling with you. You might be feeling alone and frustrated, but there is help.

Being a teenager can be challenging to say the least.  Adolescents can struggle with feeling overwhelmed by social issues and academic pressures, which can result in your teen challenging adult authority. Many teenagers believe that what they are feeling or thinking is crazy and that no one will understand them. Sometimes, adolescents fear telling their parents what is really on their mind because they are afraid that their parents will view them differently.  Lacking life experiences and reasoning using the emotion center of their young brains, your teenager might think that their problem can't be fixed and they do not realize that they can be happy again. Counseling can help your teenager identify thier problems, learn how to work through them and feel excited about life again. 

I have helped many parents and adolescents work through teenage problems. I can help your teenager identify the stressors in their life, help them understand and learn how to manage anxiety, and teach them relaxation techniques that they can use when they began to feel anxioius.  As an experienced therapist, I understand that your teenager may resisit therapy. I utilize age-appropriate creative therapuetic approaches to help your teen feel more at ease with discussing their thoughts, fears and hopes. 

Even if you have tried therapy before and it did not work for your teen, it is important to remember that every therapist is different and that the previous therapist may not have been a good fit for your teen. Many teenagers do not respond well to traditional "talk" therapy, and a more creative approach needs to be taken.  You may be thinking that if your teen doesn't talk to you, that he or she will not talk to a therapist either, but it is often easier for teenagers to share emotions and thoughts with someome they feel will not change their opinion of them when they are being open and honest about what is on their mind. 

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