Substance Abuse

Are you asking yourself how did I get here?

You never thought things would be like this.

Maybe you use perscription drugs, alcohol or smoke to make it through the day at work.

Counseling can help you figure out what is going on and help you move forward.

There Is Help

Counseling can help you to get clarity, so you can move toward creating the life you want.​ 

You are realizing that substance abuse is getting in the way of your relationships. Your family and friends have become distant because of your use.  You are ready to put substance abuse behind you and move forward with your life. Your just not quite sure how to do that. It seems like you have been using for so long, you don't know any other way to cope with your problems. Counseling can help you learn coping skills,  discover your personal strenghts and improve your confidence so that you can start moving toward living the life you want.

Anyone Can Become Addicted

I Can Stop On My Own
Stopping substance abuse is hard to do alone. Drugs change how your brain works and the signals it sends throughout your body. The altered signals your brain sends out  make it hard for you to feel okay without using the drug. Learn more by clicking on the videos. Working with a therapist can help you clarify what is going on in your life, help you identify triggers and stressors, and help you learn healthy ways to cope and express your feelings.