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"We cant' start over, but we can begin now and make a new ending."

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Tween Girl's Mini Summer Camp

QueenBee MasterMind Series

Summer Sizzler for Relationships

A 5-day group for tweens ages 11-13 who are experiencing:

  • Feelings of Anxiety or Low Self-Esteem
  • Feelings of Awkwardness around Peers or Isolation
  • Difficulty Excelling Academically

Benefits of  The Tween Girl's Minis  Summer Camp Include:

  • Relating to other Tweens and feeling understood
  • Gaining self-acceptance
  • Feeling more confident
  • Establishing healthy peer relationships and support
  • Learning safe coping skills

Your Tween Will Create:

*a collective collage to teach the value of teamwork, develop personal postive imagery, increase feelings of connectedness
*affirmation stones with mantras to remind them who they are, what their strengths are or their goals that wil fit in thier pocket
*a power playlist and learn how music andother forms of media can positively or negatively affect their moods
*a sparkly snow globe to help them understand how emotions are changeable and to help them find their own "flow"
*a "Tween D
iva Box" to place items in made during camp to remind them how to use skills learned during camp
and MOR

A 4 week intensive to build your QueenBee status for women who feel:

  • Overloaded 
  • Stressed
  • Like Their LIfe is On Hold
  • Want to Create a Life They Love Living 
  • Want to Be a Part of a Small and Supportive Network of Women 

Benefits of the QueenBee MasterMind Series Include:

  • How to Tap Into Inner Strength, Wisdom and Beauty
  • How to turn dreams into goals and achieve them
  • A supportive peer network
  •  Do-it-yourself Self-care Strategies

You Will Learn:

*Doing you and loving every minute of it!

* 3 Phenomenal ways to honor your dreams even if no one else does.

*5 Ways to plan for and create success in your life.

*7 Strategies to overcome feelings and emotions that prevent you from reaching your goals.

*7 Self-care strategies you can do at home that will help to increase your success.

A 4 week series to bring on the SIZZLE  and add the sweetness back into your Relationship.

This group is for couples who:

  • Struggle with Trust
  • Have Difficulty Expressing Emotions and Needs
  • Are tired of Arguing, Yelling and Growing Apart.

Benefits of the Summer Sizzler Group Include:
  • Greater Understanding of Your Partner
  • Increased Openess
  • Stronger Trust
  • Greater Closeness
  • A More Loving Relationship

Couples Will Learn:

*4 Things to stop doing now

*5  Ways to increase meaningful communication

*5 Ways to increase connection with your partner everyday

*4 Ways to strengthen trust

* 7 Ways to increase understanding of your partner

Are you ready to connect with your spouse on a level you have never imagined?

Do you want to own your QueenBee?
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This group only has 10 seats and is only offered in the summer. 

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This group only has space for 5 couples and is only offered in the summer.

Does this group seem like a group your tween would benefit from?​​

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This group only has 10 seats and is only offered in the summer.


$280 for 7 sessions 5pm-6pm  
Tuesday and Thursday
Groups start in July!

$160 for 4 sessions 
12-1 pm Wednesdays
5pm-6pm Wednesdays
Groups Start in July!  

$200 for 5 days
9am-11am Monday-Friday
Group Start in July!

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