Does it feel like you, your spouse, and your children are disconnected?
Is Your Family life Not What You Thought It Would Be?
Counseling can help you create balance, healthy relationships and peace in your home.

Does Being At Home Feel Like Being Alone?

Do you find that when your family is home, everyone goes into thier room or personal space and becomes entrenched in things such as social media or other things that do not include each other?  Does your family now skip family meals together? Do you feel like thier is a conflict going on in your home and everyone is  isolating themselves to avoid a flareup ?  Maybe you feel like your efforts to bring everyone together as a family ends with everyone feeling like they are walking on eggshells? After a while, everyone starts to feel like they are alone.

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life such as  health problems, fincancial problems, relocation, job loss, infedility and stress from day to day life.  Maybe your spouse has a temper and it scares the children and makes you feel uneasy.  Parenting can be hard and maybe you are having difficulty parenting your children without feeling that you are loosing control. These issues have a way of trickling down and affecting your entire family no matter how hard you try to keep them under wraps.  Family counseling can help you work through the difficulties you are facing, while building healthier relationships with your family.  Family counseling can help you learn healtheir ways to cope with anger. It can also help you learn to express your feelings  in a manner that will  bring your family closer together.
You don't have to wait for someday to come to have a happy home, I can help you gain the skills you need to have a healthier and closer relationship with your spouse and children. Call 910-546-8533 to schedule and appointment today.